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Meet Our Instructors - New Horizons Harrisburg, PA

At New Horizons Harrisburg, PA, we pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the most qualified and experienced instructors in the industry. All of our instructors are certified in their respective subjects and bring years of industry experience to the classroom. Their real-world experience allows them to provide relevant and specific examples to help their students relate to the course material and retain more information. Our certified instructors are present to provide ongoing coaching, support and guidance throughout your training.

Sandy Stevenson, Technical Instructor

Sandy started in the computer industry in 1984, working for United States Computer Corporation.  Her realm of responsibilities included design, analysis, programming, testing, implementation and training and support for custom systems and software for the credit and collection industry.  While working for USC, she gained a very strong knowledge of COBOL and the Unix operating system.  One of Sandy’s specialties is programming and performing tape-to-tape data conversions.

In 1989, Sandy opened Stevenson Solutions and began support and development for the credit and collection industry using COBOL, RBASE, SQL and INFORMIX.  She also installed systems, made custom cables, and repaired dumb terminals down to the capacitor level.

In 2001, Sandy completed the MCSE 2000 track at New Horizons in Central PA, where she has been employed since September 4th of 2001 and has thoroughly enjoyed giving back from her experience.

"Thanks for the great week filled with both fun and learning. You are THE GREATEST!"
"Great Job, Sandy! Well-taught Class!"
"Sandy makes you learn, and you do!"
"Sandy, Great class! Learned some more that I didn’t expect! Worth the trip!"
"Sandy, thanks for the class. Very Informative." 

Amanda Paris, Technical and Applications Instructor

Prior to working at New Horizons, she worked for Computer Aid, Inc. where she was a Microsoft .Net programmer and Applications tester. While there, Amanda gained experience in the following programming languages: VB.Net, C#.Net, and ASP.Net. Since being with New Horizons she has taught the Introduction to Programming Microsoft.Net course and many of the Microsoft Application courses we offer. Amanda has also taught courses in Microsoft Silverlight which she teaches from experience obtained from her previous consulting positions.

"Thanks for being so patient! I love your enthusiasm!"
"Wonderful Class, Wonderful Instructor"
"Awesome – deserves to be “Employee of the month”, EVERY MONTH!"
"Thanks for making it as “fun” as possible!"
"Amanda, I always enjoy your classes, they are lots of fun."
"Very helpful, great teaching style!"

LaChelle Brice, Applications Instructor

LaChelle Brice has been training in computer applications software for the past twelve years.  She has been employed as an Applications Instructor at New Horizons for the past 4 years.  Prior to that she was employed at digitalSunrise Learning Centers where she providing training on a variety of software applications.  Prior to becoming a classroom instructor, Ms. Brice was a Trainer/Customer Service Representative where she wrote training materials and conducted training sessions at client sites. She also provided in-house training on proprietary software for new employees, and served as a backup to in-house Customer Service Representatives taking phone calls for software support.

"Just outstanding!"
"Thanks, you are a God Sent."
"She is wonderful! I ♥ her!"
"Great Job and thanks for adapting to our needs! You are a superstar, employee of the month!"
"Lachelle, your classes were great. Very detailed for understanding! Thanks!"
"Too cute! Very witty!"
"Great bubbly instructor, thanks for everything!"

Jeff Kauffman, Technical Instructor

Jeff Kauffman is an IT Consultant and Trainer who enjoys turning your technology problems into his own. During his training sessions, he encourages students to compare the course material to their real life roles. He is not afraid of a challenge and tries to help each student/client with questions pertaining to their infrastructure. Holding major certifications from Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA, he specializes in Firewall and Collaboration technologies. Jeff’s technical and training experience stem from both a Corporate and Military background. This has provided him with a broad exposure to different industry types. Some of his corporate partners include: UUNet, PSInet, SpryNet, Netcom, OneMain, MindSpring, Covad, Sprint and Earthlink.

"Dealt with adversity – 2 days of ice storm, network issues, kept the class going. Awesome!"
"This dude can do ANYTHING!"
"Fantastic instructor! Great class!"
"Great instructor, VERY knowledgeable. "

Rebecca Ferree, Applications Instructor

Rebecca established a thriving consulting firm in 1990 providing training and consultation to small businesses in the Central Pennsylvania area. In 1998 Rebecca closed her business to pursue a teaching career in computer software applications.  Teaching has always been Rebecca’s passion.  Rebecca accepted an Instructor/Department Head position with The Academy of Medical Arts and Business.  The job responsibilities included coordinating the training staff and providing instructor led training using Microsoft Office applications.  In 2001, she accepted an Applications Instructor position with New Horizons Computer Training Centers.  She was responsible for conducting daily instructor-led training for many productivity applications; developed custom curriculum as needed; acted as a client liaison to many government and civilian organizations, provided classroom training and traveled throughout Pennsylvania delivering on-site training.  

In June of 2007 Rebecca accepted a six month contract with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  She was responsible for planning, organizing, preparing, evaluating and conducting complex training for the Commonwealth’s three partnering agencies; Department of Labor and Industry, Department of Public Welfare and Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

In March of 2008 Rebecca went back to New Horizons Computer Training Centers as a Senior Applications Instructor.  Rebecca finds teaching extremely rewarding.

Anthony Lucas, Mentor

Anthony Lucas, Lead Mentor of our Mentored Learning program and Technical Advisor, has been with New Horizons since 2007. He has also worked for Vartan Enterprises Inc. as a Network Technician and Webmaster from April 2003 until January 2005. During his time with Vartan Enterprises, he has supported three networks with six companies and Vartan National Bank with four branches. His duties included monitoring and updating Internet security software, daily back-ups of four servers, securing tapes in bank vault, creating, updating and maintaining websites, supporting phone and voice mail systems, and various other responsibilities.

"YOU THE BEST! Passed Net+ Thanks!"
"Passed Net+ and A+! Thanks, Tony!"
"Thanks, Tony, for all the help and support. You did a great job, and I just got my MCP!"
"Thanks, Tony, for helping me get through the CompTIA Net+ and CCNA!"
"Thanks for all your help! Couldn’t have done it without you. MCDST!"
"This guy sure knows how to make learning interesting and fun. What a great attitude!"
"Passed my Server 2008 Networking thanks to you!"

Mike Mummau , Mentor

Prior to working at New Horizons, he worked for Dynamech where he was a Business / IT Manager. While there, Mike gained experience in design, set-up, and commissioning of Building Automation Systems and troubleshooting computer and network problems.

"Thanks, Mike, for helping me through the CompTIA Net+ and CCNA! You are awesome!"
"Thanks for your help! Passed A+ and Net+!"
"Mike, thanks so much for all the help when I got stuck!"
"Thanks for your help! Passed 2007 Word Exam!"